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Physician-Humanitarian Shares Compassion in MedQ and Beyond

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | July 29th, 2019

Dr. Kashif ChaudhryDr. Kashif Chaudhry, a cardiac electrophysiologist at Mercy Medical Center and a humanitarian, was drawn to the MedQuarter Regional Medical District by a tradition of compassionate care.

Dr. Chaudhry, a native of Pakistan, joined the cardiology team at Mercy in August 2018 to treat heart rhythm disorders. He chose Mercy because of “the emphasis on compassionate patient care” and the friendly work environment.

“Mercy provides me with a great platform to grow my professional career and to serve the local community,” an important factor in his move to Cedar Rapids, he said.

When he’s not at work in Iowa, Dr. Chaudhry often can be found in other parts of the world, treating people through his work for Humanity First and Project Pacer. On medical missions to South America, for example, he installs pacemakers for people who cannot afford them.

It’s All About the Patient

Patient-centered care is important to Dr. Chaudhry, and he admires the collaboration between medical facilities in the MedQ. Dr. Chaudhry, like many providers in the MedQ, may see patients from either hospital in the district.

“The ease of sharing medical information between the various facilities makes patient care very smooth,” he said.

He’s also proud to contribute to the extraordinary quality of care here.

“The level of advanced care that is provided here is impressive for an average-sized Midwest city like Cedar Rapids,” said Dr. Chaudhry.

Finding Work-Life Balance

An award-winning writer and blogger on human rights and freedom of conscience, Dr. Chaudhry was awarded a Presidential Service Award by President Obama for his community service efforts.

So he appreciates that many businesses within the MedQ promote philanthropy and support employee participation in charitable events, such as walks and fundraisers.

“Mercy gives me the opportunity to enjoy a great life balance between work and personal time,” he said.

His leisure time is spent hiking, biking, going to the gym, reading, writing and trying new restaurants in the area. Stating “you can do so much right in the MedQuarter.”

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