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Questions About the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter? We’ve Got Answers!

The Cedar Rapids MedQuarter is a self-supported municipal improvement district (SSMID) and it is governed by a commission that is appointed by the mayor and City Council. Learn more about the MedQuarter SSMID Commission here.

Visit the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter directories or our Plan Your Visit page to find services within the district:

The location of major medical facilities, such as Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, UnityPoint Health ─ St. Luke’s Hospital and Mercy Medical Center, within the MedQuarter leads to better coordinated care for patients and doctors alike.

The MedQ helps Cedar Rapids meet the changes in the U.S. healthcare system for better coordination and integration of patient care, and it makes the Cedar Rapids medical community more competitive with other growing regional healthcare communities.

By advocating for new businesses and jobs within this defined district, the MedQ provides integral economic development strategies to the community. The restaurants, businesses and services provide a robust environment to meet the wants and needs of residents and visitors.

It’s where healthcare needs ─ ranging from family medicine to cancer and diabetes treatment, to preventive cancer screenings, eye exams and a variety of surgical procedures ─ are met.

In addition, the MedQ functions as a catalyst for business growth by attracting new investment to Cedar Rapids. In the area surrounding Mercy Medical Center, UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital and Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa, there are more than 50 restaurants, shopping options, entertainment opportunities, catering, art galleries, car repair, dry cleaning and much more.

To bring the medical services scattered throughout Cedar Rapids to one medical destination, and to provide a framework for reinvestment and revitalization of downtown Cedar Rapids.

In 2007, the Vision Cedar Rapids Downtown Framework Plan provided a roadmap for future community development. This plan focused on unique districts, one of which was a medical district.

Bringing medical services to one medical destination provides a better patient experience. In addition, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, entertainment, arts, culture and a variety of services help fill out the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter business mix. Learn more here.

The MedQuarter is a community revitalization partnership that promotes a dynamic urban medical community to improve quality of life and advocate for new businesses and jobs within a defined 55-block medical district.

The Cedar Rapids MedQuarter includes Mercy Medical Center, UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s Hospital, Physicians’ Clinic of Iowa and over 100 more healthcare providers. In addition to healthcare services, the MedQ includes restaurants and a wide array of businesses. Services ranging from dry cleaning to car repair are within easy access within the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter. Learn more about the MedQuarter here.


The MedQuarter is keeping up-to-date on information and resources regarding the pandemic.
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