MedQ - What is it? - Cedar Rapids MedQuarter Regional Medical District

What is the MedQ?

One Convenient Destination for Nationally Recognized, Quality Medical Care

Dining, Services and Entertainment in the Same Area

Spanning a revitalized 55-square-block area of downtown Cedar Rapids, the MedQ (MedQuarter Regional Medical District) has it all. From two nationally recognized hospitals, a surgical center and more than 100 health care providers, to dining, shopping, entertainment and many conveniences. All this is located right off Interstate 380 in the heart of Cedar Rapids. The MedQuarter is the regional resource for medical care. Providing easy access, convenience, quality and choice, it is a dynamic yet affordable destination for anyone in the area.

about the MedQuarter

Coordination of Care

Patients seeking comprehensive health care services, along with the best resources for medical care in the region, will appreciate the MedQ advantage. With a full range of medical services available in the same neighborhood, you and your family not only have convenient access to virtually all your medical services, but also care teams that work together to ensure seamless coordination of care.

A Community of Caring

Our patient- and family-centered atmosphere is as welcoming as it is convenient. Come for an appointment, visit a patient, do some shopping or enjoy a bite to eat — the MedQ has something for everyone. In addition to health care, dining, shopping and entertainment, you’ll find easy access to dry cleaning, car repair and many other services. That’s the beauty of the MedQ. It’s a community within a community, a health-forward, positive setting where everyone’s focus is to serve you.

How Did We Get Here?

This intentional medical community is no coincidence. Established in 2011, the MedQ grew from a 2007 Vision Cedar Rapids Downtown Framework Plan for community development. The plan envisioned unique, self-supporting municipal improvement districts, including a medical district.

Cedar Rapids was already in the medical spotlight, having been named a national top ten destination for high-quality, low cost health care. The MedQuarter idea was to create a world-class patient experience that included a mix of businesses and activities in addition to a full range of outstanding healthcare services. Also included in the MedQ design are green spaces, mixed-mode commuting infrastructure, access to public transit, plenty of convenient, free parking — and even valet services.

The Cedar Rapids MedQuarter is a self-supported municipal improvement district (SSMID) and it is governed by a commission that is appointed by the mayor and City Council to establish funding for ongoing District improvements.

Read the 10th Anniversary of the MedQuarter Regional Medical District Report.

Join Us

An amazing patient experience, nationally recognized health care and amenities, business opportunities and a revitalized community make the MedQ the place to be in Eastern Iowa. We’ll see you in the MedQ.

The MedQuarter is keeping up-to-date on information and resources regarding the pandemic.
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