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Your Doctor's Visit in the MedQuarter

Be Prepared

The doctors and medical staff in the MedQuarter are experts, but they need your input to make the right diagnosis. When you have a doctor’s appointment in the MedQuarter, it helps to have the information you need to communicate effectively.

  • Know your medical history ─ Consider a pocket medical record to keep track of hospitalizations, when and where, for what condition, surgeries, medications, allergies, etc.
  • Write down names, doses and directions for current medications. Have the name and number for your pharmacy handy
  • Bring insurance, Medicare or Medicaid cards
  • Consider bringing a friend or relative if you need assistance or support

Inform Your Doctor and Ask Questions

  • Present your problems and concerns clearly. The doctor will need to know where your problem started, when it started, any changes over time, what has helped or worsened the condition, what medications have been tried, etc.
  • Ask questions! Understanding your entire treatment plan is imperative. If you need to be hospitalized or need therapy, know who will be making arrangements

Caring for Yourself After Your Visit

  • Closely follow your treatment plan
  • Seek support from friends, family and/or support groups. You may also want to try coping skills though music, meditation, yoga, tai chi, visualizing ─ or perhaps spiritual support from your faith
  • Eat healthy foods and exercise
  • Learn where to obtain support services for disabilities or special needs, if needed
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