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5 Things to Do in the MedQ

Experience the hidden gems in the MedQuarter Regional Medical District.
There is more to the medical district than medicine.

5 Things to Do in the MedQ

  1. Cookies at Kathy’s Pies. The name may have “pies” in it, but Kathy’s makes a mean cookie. Our favorite is the Monster Cookie which has all the ingredients for a great cookie, including peanut butter, chocolate chips, M&Ms and oatmeal. However, the Banana Split Pie is really good and only available in August, so set your Outlook calendar now.
  2. Spring Rolls at Phong Lan Restaurant. This is a family-run restaurant serving authentic Vietnamese staples including “pho” (a Vietnamese noodle soup pronounced ‘fuh’). But the trip is not complete unless you order spring rolls. They are considered the “best in town.”
  3. Airbnb Finds a Home in MedQ. Looking for a getaway that’s walking distance to restaurants, entertainment venues and all the medical opportunities in the MedQ? Then try an Airbnb in the historic, ivy-covered Ausadie Building. There is a hidden courtyard with a pool, flower garden and peaceful Koi pond.
  4. Hit 4 Museums and Only Park Once. The Grant Wood Studio, the Cedar Rapids Fire Department Historical Museum, Grand Lodge of Iowa and The History Center are all within a short walk. Inside the Grand Lodge Museum is an original Grant Wood painting and a Civil War flag from the Battle of Champion Hill where Iowa soldiers fought.
  5. Grey’s Pub “Where the Shots Don’t Hurt.” Grey’s Pub is themed after ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy to match their location in the MedQuarter. Their Bloody Mary’s are Type O Positive. There is also food and fresh mojitos. Also try the Pre-op ‘petizers.

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