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Master Development Plan

In April 2013 the Cedar Rapids Medical SSMID Commission engaged The Lakota Group, a Chicago-based land use and urban planning firm, to lead a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in the preparation of a 20 year long-term bold and action-oriented Master Development Plan for the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter Regional Medical District.  It was critical throughout the Master Development Plan process to develop a level of trust and confidence by the stakeholders (property/business owners, patients, faith-based organizations, school district, residents, etc.) through their continued and open participation. It was also essential to ensure patient’s voice was included in any master planning about delivery of medical services.

The Medical SSMID Commission identified the following 5 pillars for the district planning process:

  • Policy
  • Mangement & Marketing
  • Appearance & Identity
  • Access & Infrastructure
  • Community Building

Download the Complete 2024 Plan Update (40MB) or the 2024 Executive Summary (9MB).

Download the 2014 Plan.


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