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Master Development Plan

In April 2013 the Cedar Rapids Medical SSMID Commission engaged The Lakota Group, a Chicago-based land use and urban planning firm, to lead a multi-disciplinary team of consultants in the preparation of a 20 year long-term bold and action-oriented Master Development Plan for the Cedar Rapids MedQuarter Regional Medical District.  It was critical throughout the Master Development Plan process to develop a level of trust and confidence by the stakeholders (property/business owners, patients, faith-based organizations, school district, residents, etc.) through their continued and open participation. It was also essential to ensure patient’s voice was included in any master planning about delivery of medical services.

Download the  Master Development Plan.

Download the  2013 State of the District Report.

The Medical SSMID Commission identified the following vision and goals for the planning process:


  1. The MedQuarter is an economic and redevelopment investment to improve the community.
  2. Establish the Med Q as a superior provider of combined quality health care, better outcomes and lower cost for patients in a healing environment, with a holistic approach-body, mind, and spirit.
  3. Establish the MedQuarter as a nationally recognized medical destination.
  4. Create a distinct medical district.
  5. To better coordinate and accommodate growth that is supportive of commercial, neighborhood and workforce development.
  6. Establish unique physical image and aesthetic environment.


  1. Economic development—Spur investment and creation of new businesses and jobs that are critical during this time of economic uncertainty.
  2. Collaborate with City, Cedar Rapids Downtown SSMID, Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance, Entrepreneurial Development Center and neighborhood associations.
  3. Support growth of local independent businesses in the medical district.
  4. Improve the quality of healthcare in our community through greater collaboration and integration of services. It will establish the medical district as a national recognized medical destination.
  5. Improve the medical district’s appearance and identity by implementing physical improvements, and enhanced maintenance and wayfinding, such as distinctive signage, banners, gateways, public art and other public amenities.
  6. Planning of special projects to improve the public realm.
  7. Space to host outdoor events.
  8. Enhanced maintenance beyond city base level services.
  9. Enhance security within the district.
  10. Provide a forum and increase leverage with public entities to address security concerns of business and property owners in the district.
  11. Increased city/district collaboration.
  12. Potential to have designated medical district security assets to augment existing city and private programs.
  13. Attract more patients and customers to the medical district by coordinated marketing of its quality healthcare reputation.
  14. Execute a strong and viable marketing/branding and communications program.
  15. Leverage the positive impacts of new commercial development to benefit the entire district.
  16. Strengthen private sector control and accountability to carry out enhanced public services through a SSMID Board, which includes business and property owners located in the medical district.
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