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Miranda Conquers Cancer at a Young Age

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | March 26th, 2020

Miranda NeffIn November 2018, Miranda Neff was experiencing a lot of pain but thought a lump in her breast was just a cyst.

She had an ultrasound, and it was inconclusive. Then her skin turned red, and the pain got worse. So she returned a few months later for more tests. The lump had grown to the size of a tennis ball.

In January 2019, she learned it was cancer. Miranda was 25 years old.

She was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative inflammatory breast cancer — a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer. She also tested positive for the BRCA 1 genetic mutation, which puts women at high risk (86%, as stated by FORCE, or Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) for breast and ovarian cancer. She then discovered the mutation runs in her family.

Six days after she was diagnosed, Miranda started her cancer journey at Hall-Perrine Cancer Center located in the MedQuarter Regional Medical District – 20 weeks of chemo, a double mastectomy and 30 rounds of radiation.

Finding the Positive in Her Cancer Journey

When Miranda was given the diagnosis, it took a little bit to sink in because she was sure it was just a cyst or an infection, not cancer — especially at such a young age. She learned to stay positive, though.

“At the end of the day, it was just easier to smile. Being happier and smiling is easier than being in the uncomfortable and sad place,” Miranda said.

Knowing she was going to receive high-quality care from cancer experts in the MedQ helped. The personal, compassionate care she was given helped too.

“The doctors and nurses at Hall-Perrine know their jobs but are also incredibly nice and very personable. The care teams take the time to get to know you, and they genuinely care, which to me is just as important as knowing what you’re doing. It makes for a happier treatment time,” Miranda said.

MedQ Is the Best Choice for Cancer Care

A friend, whose father had cancer, advised Miranda to choose a doctor she trusted.

“I had a very long conversation with my oncologist, Dr. [Ann] Stroh, and all of my questions were answered. I felt comfortable around her, and so did my parents,” Miranda said.

Miranda added that although inflammatory breast cancer is rare, she was confident choosing to receive her treatment in the MedQ was the best choice for her. “I got the best cancer care,” Miranda said.

“You are able to build so many relationships with the chemo nurses and doctors,” Miranda said. “Everyone became the support system.”

Today, Miranda is doing well and back at work full-time. “I am living the best life I possibly can! I always knew I was in good hands because of all the positive experiences I have had at Hall-Perrine,” Miranda said.

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