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Mercy Continues Resumption of Services and Safely Returns to Prior Use of Hospital Spaces

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | June 22nd, 2020

As Mercy Cedar Rapids continues the resumption of many of its services, it is also returning spaces within the hospital to their normal patient care functions.

In the midst of the pandemic, Mercy dedicated two entire floors of its patient tower to COVID-19. The floors have negative air flow rooms that are specifically designed to protect patients, staff and visitors. In all, more than 60 beds were reserved for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients. The average census was less than 20.

Now, with even fewer hospitalized COVID-19 patients, Mercy is resuming normal operations in these areas. In doing so, and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of staff and patients, Mercy utilized an industrial hygienist from a national bacteria decontamination and infectious disease control company to thoroughly disinfect, test and certify that the areas are free from infection risk.

“By utilizing a third-party industrial hygienist, we are able to provide our patients, visitors and staff with every confidence that Mercy has performed the highest level of disinfection as we return hospital spaces to their previous functions,” said Dr. Timothy Quinn, Mercy’s executive vice president and chief of clinic operations. “As a trusted healthcare provider in our community, the safety of our staff and the patients we serve is always paramount.”

Meanwhile, COVID-19 patients are currently being treated in a dedicated space that remains separate from other patient care areas. Mercy caregivers have ample supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) and each caregiver is assisted in putting on and taking off their PPE as they prepare to enter or leave the COVID-designated area. This process provides yet another layer of supervision and protection.

As hospital and clinic services resume, Mercy wants patients, visitors and staff to know that their safety is our top priority. That’s why these extra precautions and safety measures are in place. Mercy encourages those who need medical care to seek it with full confidence of a safe environment, and not to delay getting the care they need.

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