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It Takes a Team to Provide Great Health Care

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | January 14th, 2021

At first glance, doctors and nurses would seem to be the ones running the show at medical facilities. While doctors and nurses are certainly top of mind, there are many other individuals working at hospitals, medical offices and other health care settings doing work that makes excellent medical care delivery possible.

The MedQuarter Regional Medical District has thousands of non-clinical employees working at the various medical facilities located within the district.

Like Anita Ledesma-Trevino, utility worker in the Environmental Services Department at Mercy Medical Center, you can find many other non-clinical roles that make a positive impact on a patient’s experience.

Preventing the spread of pathogens in healthcare facilities is always a priority, but it is especially important in the situation we are in today – a global pandemic.

Anita works directly with the inpatient COVID-19 units, keeping the patients and staff as safe as possible – disinfecting rooms and operating UVC light disinfection systems whenever possible.

“It is important to quickly clean and prepare rooms so that patients have a safe place to receive great care” said Anita.

Dining services drive patient satisfaction

Patient-centered care is at the core of the MedQ. Food service in hospitals has been found to be one of the major influences on overall patient satisfaction during one’s stay.

Wendy Hedlund, department secretary in Dining Services at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s, understands the importance of her job and ensuring that each patient receives a safe and healthy diet.

“When focusing on the patient, it makes their stay that much more enjoyable and your work so valuable” Wendy said, adding that “you need to be accommodating to patients with allergies or food restrictions to help relieve any additional stresses their visit may cause them.” Showing the full satisfaction of the patient stay does not solely reside on the medical staff.

Reaping the Benefits of Working in Health Care

There are many varying roles in finance and billing.  The billing department is an imperative department when it comes to the upkeep of hospitals and medical offices.

Ashley Reed with CarePro Health Services has spent her career within health care billing. She has evolved from working as a billing specialist to a team lead and is now a supervisor.

Ashley states “the health care industry and CarePro specifically has been a very good industry to work in. It has many positives from an employment perspective because it is needed everywhere and there is a lot of job security in that.” Even if directly caring for patients is not your calling, there are still plenty of careers in the health care industry.

Find a Non-Clinical Health Care Job

The opportunities are endless for people of all education levels, skill sets, and backgrounds. Take the opportunity to find open positions located within the MedQ:

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