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Mercy Emergency Rooms offer new “On My Way” service

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | March 29th, 2021

Mercy Cedar Rapids is launching a new service for patients of Mercy’s Emergency Rooms. The online service is called “On My Way,” and it’s designed to let patients see the wait times online for both Mercy’s downtown and Hiawatha ER locations. The system then alerts the respective ER staff that the patient is on their way, which enables ER staff to prepare for the patient’s arrival and is designed to potentially reduce the wait time once the patient arrives on-site.

“Mercy already has the fastest ERs in the area. We’re pleased to be able to offer our ER patients yet another feature to expedite their treatment and make their experience the best it can be,” said Dr. Matthew Aucutt, medical director of Mercy’s emergency services. “The ‘On My Way’ feature is different than a typical reservation system. Instead, it notifies our staff that patients are coming to one of our two ERs and provides staff with some basic information ahead of time.  This allows staff to prepare for the patient’s arrival, which may reduce their wait time, and get patients the care they need, faster.”

Aucutt noted that patients with the most emergent/life-threatening needs are seen first in the ER, so actual wait times may vary from what is listed online.

“On My Way” is offered at both of Mercy’s convenient ER locations – downtown at Mercy Medical Center and at Hiawatha Medical Park, located at 1195 Boyson Rd. Mercy’s two ER locations make it even easier to access emergency care when patients need it most.

For more information on Mercy’s new “On My Way” ER service, visit


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