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Quinton Found a Way to the Simple Life

MedQuarter (MedQ) Regional Medical District | July 13th, 2021

Quinton Neisen, just knew something was a little off when not feeling well for many consecutive day. Deciding where to receive treatment was easy. Quinton is a longtime patient in the MedQuarter. When he was experiencing heart problems, he knew exactly where to go. Quinton said he easily could have died without the care team at Mercy Medical Center.

MedQ – a unique urban medical community in the heart of Cedar Rapids – is home to two 2020 IBM Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals and more than 500 medical professionals providing a full range of medical care, all within 55 city blocks.

The broad spectrum of quality healthcare available within MedQ meant Quinton could get the care he needed close to home in eastern Iowa.

Living in Walker, IA, Quinton was able to conveniently commute to Cedar Rapids for all his heart care appointments. Making diagnosis and treatment less of a burden. And the continued care he receives makes him enjoy life’s every day treasures.

Positive Care Makes All the Difference

Quinton gives credit to the staff at Mercy Medical Center for making his experience a more comfortable and positive one.

“The staff were excellent. They treated me with kindness and respect. For them, it wasn’t just a job. They knew what they were doing and acted like they wanted to be there. The staff always had smiles on their faces, and they were easy to get along with,” said Quinton.

Today, you can find Quinton and his wife Danelle living the peaceful life. They live on an acreage tending to sheep and enjoying one day at a time

For other MedQ patients, Quinton offers some words of wisdom: “Find yourself a reliable provider that can help with every step of the way. Medical moments can be scary, but if you have a trusted person to turn to it could be much less.”

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